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Glamour Photo Events is a members only website forming a coalition of artistic talents from Photographers, Models, Make-up Artists, Wardrobe Stylists, Fashion Designers, Set Stylists and Builders, Prop Masters, Photo Assistants & Educators.

Glamour Photo Events sponsors and organizes special events for members to participate in, where all can collaborate using the talents of the collective and their various skills creating something beyond an individual’s solo efforts.

What sets us apart from the average group shoot gang, is our approach to events are far more friendly, engaging and interactive with numerous production assets that provide opportunities for creatives like yourself. We will hold our events in exotic remote locations, studios, properties & estates that provide a magnitude of interesting possibilities for backgrounds, while still providing ease of accessibility and relative comfort for our guests.

During each event, Hosts & Staff members will be clearly visible and available to attendees for any issues that may occur. If you are having a technical problem, they are there to help. If you are uncomfortable with another guest, they will take care of it. If there are any safety issues, our staff will address those concerns. If you just want a drink or a snack, boom! …You got it!

We want everyone to have a very positive experience!

Upon conclusion of most events, we will hold image critique sessions in a member’s round table gathering where the contributors take turns discussing and analyzing each-other’s work from the event with the goal of learning more about their craft.  Each contributor gains valuable insight on how they did and more importantly what they can do to improve for the next Glamour Photo Event.

Many of our events will have a base camp providing craft services, food & water, etc. Often times a full dinner will be made available after the event that will be part of the critiquing session.

The web site will facilitate the exchange of images shared among members that attended each event with a post-production user’s gallery making it easy to upload and disseminate those promised pictures to all those people you swore you’d get back to. And the site works as a contact portal for collaborating on side projects with a huge members database of people you have actual met at the events and now know.

And let’s not forget the merchandise counter where you can purchase your very own GlamourPhotoEvents.com T-shirts or even rent specialty equipment to up your game! All proceeds will be used to improve future events and help fund more exciting assets that can benefit our members.

Also, Glamour Photo Events will occasionally be sponsoring unique seminars & classes to learn more about various subjects like: posing models, make-up use, body painting, camera techniques, lighting effects, prop building, costume design, special effects and a whole lot more…

As time goes on, Glamour Photo Events will evolve to include the suggestions from our members in order to better provide the kind of events and classes that everyone wants. We are always open to your suggestions!

It is our goal to help improve your craft and provide networking opportunities for like minded creatives in a fun and safe environment. 


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